About The Stewards

We are a family-owned and operated business
with deep roots in the music and event
industries. Creating and attending events puts
one in the frame of mind of what pleases a
guest and what a guest needs. We have been
to several events where we were treated as
only a ticket sale when we wanted to feel just
as comfortable and have similar amenities as a
patron who paid a higher ticket amount.
Of course, we do understand that VIP patrons
pay a higher cost to receive a higher value but
we want to provide clients with the ability to
provide certain services that are available to
ALL of their patrons and guests regardless of price.

The Small Details

From providing the final touches to your dream set-up  to snipping a loose thread, my team of coordinators and concierges will be available to assist in all needs.

You will be our guests so that you can concentrate on your big day.

"Take the load off and allow us to do all of the heavy lifting!"