Sarah& Travis

Lilly made this wedding happen.


As the maid of honor, I was already run ragged trying to get ready, keep the bride on schedule, trying to coordinate where family was, and get ready myself. When Lilly showed up, it was a giant exhale! She took the reigns – asking what needed to be done, and doing it. If a hiccup came up (like where do these flowers go? Where is the water for the guests? Who is setting up the chairs for the ceremony?) she handled it because she already KNEW what we needed.


I could breathe!


I was able to get ready with my little sister on her special day, and enjoy myself without worrying about the details. She was amazing to my admittedly wild family, keeping even the most seemingly clueless member of the wedding party on time and looking sharp. Lilly coordinated from beginning to end – before the guests got there, dividing and conquering the set up; once guests arrived with the guestbook and seats; the entire ceremony from beginning to end, all the way through the cake cutting and toasts. It took all the pressure off of my family and myself. We didn’t have to watch the clock – Lilly had everything handled so that we could be truly present.


Having a coordinator on hand was a wedding gift to everyone because it provided the luxury of a stress free, beautiful day spent celebrating rather than trying to wrangle 100+ people. Beyond handling everything and then some, Lilly was a joy to have present. She got my father dancing, which up until that day, I’m not sure I had ever seen before. Her contagious laugh and vibrant energy set the tone for a day that celebrated love and family to the fullest.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Lilly for any event coordination – Having her services to aide you during these special occasions means that you’ll be able to enjoy yourself! Thanks again, Lilly!  


Kristen & Vivi

"Lilly and her team did a great job helping to create my 6 year old's unicorn birthday party. I have four small children and I planned on inviting adult guests as well as children, so I wanted someone to help me throw a great party so I could talk to my guests.

Lilly made that happen.

She organized party favors, games, decorations, tent and table rentals at very reasonable prices, cutting the birthday cake, serving drinks and Unicorn Popcorn, and prizes for the games. She worked behind the scenes and was unobtrusively making the party happen. I was able to completely hand the reigns over to her and enjoy myself. 

She is great with children and adults alike. She wears many hats and has lots of knowledge about children and party planning. Her team was very professional too. She takes in all the information you give her, and adds her own flair. I felt like I was listened to and my needs were respected and enhanced. I also felt like she enjoyed herself - like it wasn't just a job for her, which honestly makes a difference.

I will definitely recommend her and use her again myself.